The Proscenium

“Archskeptic Michael Shermer, atheist par excellence and publisher of Skeptic Magazine, in an article in Scientific American makes his case for a monistic view of reality: Shermer ends his exposition with ‘the realization that we exist together for a narrow slice of time. . . . ,a passing moment on the proscenium of the cosmos.’ A beautiful choice of words, and oh so true. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary tell us that ‘Proscenium’ is none other than the part of the stage in front of the curtain, between the curtain and the audience. Shermer hit the proverbial nail right on the head. We live out our lives on the proscenium, the visible part of the stage. But as every theater devotee knows, the show is directed from behind the curtain.”

(Michael Shermer, “Mustangs, Monists, and Meaning,” Scientific American, September 2004)

(Gerald L. Schroeder, God According to God, A Scientist Discovers We;ve Been Wrong About God All Along. Harpwe Collins Publisher, 195 Broadway New York, NY 10007, 2009, 19-20)

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