March 16th our home burned down and we lost everything even my laptop and desktop computers. We have been busy trying to get some semblance of order back into our lives.  A place to stay, a new laptop, money for surviving until the insurance comes through. Today I was able to purchase a laptop from the proceeds of gifts from loving friends. Needless to say I haven;t been able write in genesmusings until today. The thing most on my mind as I write is that my kickstarter project has only 15 days left and I am far short of the $3500 goal. So I am encouraging anyone who has thought about pre-ordering a book not to wait too long. If the goal is not reached by the end of the 15 days it will all be for naught. However, even if we miss the goal, all who have ordered a hard bound or paperback book will still receive their book. Look for more musings about Backstage With God in the next few days.

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