Gods Paradigm

One might question why God neglected to include more information with regard to the how of the creation in Genesis, and in particular how first life was brought about, at least something that might satisfy our curious minds.  But God seems more concerned that we acknowledge Him as the creator rather than our understanding of how it was accomplished.  Could it be that our faith in Him as the creator is more important than our knowledge of how it all came about? 

So, on the surface all we read is that “The Earth brought forth life.”  Not a very satisfactory description for the scientific mind.  But then who was He writing to?  Well, 3500 years ago to Moses for one, and then of course to the Israelites.  While Moses was most likely schooled in Pharaoh’s court, I doubt if he was familiar with the knowledge available to students of science today.  So, it seems likely that God did not include the details of how he created the universe and life on earth for obvious reasons.  Can you imagine God trying to explain the big bang, DNA, gravity, time and space to Moses, and then Moses trying to explain the whole matter to the Israelites?  That would most likely have led to complete chaos and the most important thing God was trying to communicate to them would have been hopelessly lost in that chaos; that God is God, and is fully capable of creating this world.

If the Bible was never intended to be a book of science for dummies, what purpose does Genesis serve?  According to Dr. Schroeder “The Bible is primarily narrative, teaching through the lives of the biblical personages.  From the recorded events, we can extract the Bibles concept of how the biblical God is made manifest in our world. 

Immediately the Bible sets the basic format: nature was and will be the vehicle for most divine interactions within the world. Over the six days of Genesis (Gen. 1:1-31) the universe developed from its chaotic beginning, through the start of life, and on to the appearance of humankind.”  1

I believe that God has always worked within a framework that He Himself designed.  According to the Bible it all started when He acquired wisdom as the beginning of His way, the first of His works of old.  Wisdom was established from everlasting, from the beginning, from before there ever was an earth.  Wisdom, the totally metaphysical emanation from the Creator, yielded the big-bang creation of the physical universe within which we dwell.  That tiny bit of energy created by God would include all of the intelligence required to bring and sustain life on this planet.  It would include; the RNA and DNA which would begin and control the various species of life on earth, and bring about all of the physical and metaphysical laws that would govern the universe. 

1- Gerald L. Schroeder.  The Science of God: The Convergence Of Scientific And Biblical Wisdom. New York: The Free Press, Simon & Schuster, 1997.  73

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