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I am really excited about this project. After 2 long years of research and writing I am finally able to share my finished book with you. 

Let me tell you a little about it.  We know that the visible part of a stage is where the actors preform, and we know that as life. Some years ago my young daughter performed in The Nutcracker and I was able to spend time backstage during the performance, and I realized the most exciting part of a performance actually occurs backstage where the performance is constructed.

In my book Backstage with God, I give my readers a brief look at all that was happening on the backstage during the unfolding of the universe.  From the tiny dot of intense energy filled with intelligence which brought the universe, this planet, and sentient life into being.  To the 93 billion light year size of the universe today. 

Scientists have recently discovered that when we look at the subatomic world, we find a duality.  That everything in the universe including you and I can be seen as both matter and waves of intelligence.  That the sub atomic universe is 99.999999% nothing, not even space, and yet all of these things are solid and held together by an invisible metaphysical force field even scientists don’t understand. 

Join me in this kickstart program and read about the intelligence that has directed the unfolding of our universe and all of life.  Follow me on my blog where I will share more information about my book and our progress in publishing it.

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