About the Author

  • My name is Gene Maxwell. I was born in Seattle WA, Feb. 14, 1939. For those who are rusty with their math, That means I am slightly over 80 years old, long before stereos, cell phones, computers, and Facebook. To give you a perspective on how long ago that was, my father was in the Army riding a horse in the mounted cavalry and wore baggy jodhpurs, shiny tan riding boots and brass spurs. We lived somewhere in Kansas or maybe Missouri I don’t remember. I was 6 and my younger brother must have been 4, and it was hot.

Moving forward in time to 1982; I had been working for Ohio Bell Tel. Co. for about 19 years in Columbus Ohio suburbs.  After several promotions I found myself working for A.T.&.T in downtown NY City, as part of the infamous Bell System divestiture which ripped apart one of the oldest and most efficiently run Corporations in this country. After obliterating AT&T I was transferred to New Jersey to work for Bell Communications Research, the staff support and research for the baby bells as they were called.

I retired in Chicago while working for Ameritech Services in 1991 after 32 years service with the Bell System.  By then I had 3 very young children and was ready to move and begin a new life in my first small town in coastal North Carolina.  Yes, I had wandering feet, always have.  So with 3 children we moved to the beach on Oak Island and took up residence and beach life.  I found I couldn’t stay retired with nothing to do.  So I worked several jobs just to keep busy, finally starting my own company baking bread wholesale.

So here I am at 80 with lots of children from age 59 to 21, living in rural Winnabow and having just finished a book I have titled Backstage with God.  I just signed a contract with Zondervan to publish my first of, who knows, many books.  I have lots of stories to tell, and I started this blog to share my stories and musings with anyone interested.