A Beginning

Now that the long and probably arduous process of publishing is getting started, and right up front, is the need to raise funds in order to complete the project. Isn’t that always the case? When I began this project 2 years ago, raising capital was the furthest thing from my mind. As a first time writer my concentration was on “what on earth am I going write about?” Awe, but those were the days, and as the thoughts and words began to enter my mind my excitement grew and a book began to take shape. But first came tons of research, this book has a lot of science in it, and I am not a scientist. So my work, pre-writing grew daily as I found new areas to research, new books to read. Soon I was so caught up in reading I had all but forgotten to start writing. Good grief, there was so much to write about how was I going to decide what to include, how to organize all of this information, it had become truly fascinating. Learning new things about anything was always a weakness of mine, or maybe a strength. But it can easily overload the mind with information.

So I had to begin looking first, at what I wanted to say to my future readers, and hey, by the way who were they? I probably went at this completely backwards. I began writing what interested me, and finally at some point down the line wrote out a plan, an outline. It was then that the picture came to me as to who I was really writing to, who would be my audience. Surprise, it was me. I realized I had a lot to learn about reconciling science with the 6 days of Genesis but I was always thirsty for knowledge, obsessed with the need to know the nuts and bolts of how a thing worked. I was like a dog with a bone, I needed to find out just how creation happened. Well, at least more information than Genesis provided. There never seemed to be enough information in Genesis chapter one, no matter how may times I read it. I wondered, could science really have the answers I needed? How could the pieces all fit together.

Sometime during this discovery process I came across a movie “the Genesis Code.” At first it went way over my head so I watched it again and again and then I thought, “this does make sense in sort of a strange way.” So I began looking for more books on these things called the “big bang,” and “time dilation” And, I actually found the very book I suspect the movie was based on, but had actually been written some years earlier. So that is a part of how all of this got started. More to follow…..

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