March 16th our home burned down and we lost everything even my laptop and desktop computers. We have been busy trying to get some semblance of order back into our lives.  A place to stay, a new laptop, money for surviving until the insurance comes through. Today I was able to purchase a laptop from the proceeds of gifts from loving friends. Needless to say I haven;t been able write in genesmusings until today. The thing most on my mind as I write is that my kickstarter project has only 15 days left and I am far short of the $3500 goal. So I am encouraging anyone who has thought about pre-ordering a book not to wait too long. If the goal is not reached by the end of the 15 days it will all be for naught. However, even if we miss the goal, all who have ordered a hard bound or paperback book will still receive their book. Look for more musings about Backstage With God in the next few days.

Gods Paradigm

One might question why God neglected to include more information with regard to the how of the creation in Genesis, and in particular how first life was brought about, at least something that might satisfy our curious minds.  But God seems more concerned that we acknowledge Him as the creator rather than our understanding of how it was accomplished.  Could it be that our faith in Him as the creator is more important than our knowledge of how it all came about? 

So, on the surface all we read is that “The Earth brought forth life.”  Not a very satisfactory description for the scientific mind.  But then who was He writing to?  Well, 3500 years ago to Moses for one, and then of course to the Israelites.  While Moses was most likely schooled in Pharaoh’s court, I doubt if he was familiar with the knowledge available to students of science today.  So, it seems likely that God did not include the details of how he created the universe and life on earth for obvious reasons.  Can you imagine God trying to explain the big bang, DNA, gravity, time and space to Moses, and then Moses trying to explain the whole matter to the Israelites?  That would most likely have led to complete chaos and the most important thing God was trying to communicate to them would have been hopelessly lost in that chaos; that God is God, and is fully capable of creating this world.

If the Bible was never intended to be a book of science for dummies, what purpose does Genesis serve?  According to Dr. Schroeder “The Bible is primarily narrative, teaching through the lives of the biblical personages.  From the recorded events, we can extract the Bibles concept of how the biblical God is made manifest in our world. 

Immediately the Bible sets the basic format: nature was and will be the vehicle for most divine interactions within the world. Over the six days of Genesis (Gen. 1:1-31) the universe developed from its chaotic beginning, through the start of life, and on to the appearance of humankind.”  1

I believe that God has always worked within a framework that He Himself designed.  According to the Bible it all started when He acquired wisdom as the beginning of His way, the first of His works of old.  Wisdom was established from everlasting, from the beginning, from before there ever was an earth.  Wisdom, the totally metaphysical emanation from the Creator, yielded the big-bang creation of the physical universe within which we dwell.  That tiny bit of energy created by God would include all of the intelligence required to bring and sustain life on this planet.  It would include; the RNA and DNA which would begin and control the various species of life on earth, and bring about all of the physical and metaphysical laws that would govern the universe. 

1- Gerald L. Schroeder.  The Science of God: The Convergence Of Scientific And Biblical Wisdom. New York: The Free Press, Simon & Schuster, 1997.  73

Backstage With God – Kickstarter

The following content is from my kickstarter page, check it out!

I am really excited about this project. After 2 long years of research and writing I am finally able to share my finished book with you. 

Let me tell you a little about it.  We know that the visible part of a stage is where the actors preform, and we know that as life. Some years ago my young daughter performed in The Nutcracker and I was able to spend time backstage during the performance, and I realized the most exciting part of a performance actually occurs backstage where the performance is constructed.

In my book Backstage with God, I give my readers a brief look at all that was happening on the backstage during the unfolding of the universe.  From the tiny dot of intense energy filled with intelligence which brought the universe, this planet, and sentient life into being.  To the 93 billion light year size of the universe today. 

Scientists have recently discovered that when we look at the subatomic world, we find a duality.  That everything in the universe including you and I can be seen as both matter and waves of intelligence.  That the sub atomic universe is 99.999999% nothing, not even space, and yet all of these things are solid and held together by an invisible metaphysical force field even scientists don’t understand. 

Join me in this kickstart program and read about the intelligence that has directed the unfolding of our universe and all of life.  Follow me on my blog where I will share more information about my book and our progress in publishing it.

The Proscenium

“Archskeptic Michael Shermer, atheist par excellence and publisher of Skeptic Magazine, in an article in Scientific American makes his case for a monistic view of reality: Shermer ends his exposition with ‘the realization that we exist together for a narrow slice of time. . . . ,a passing moment on the proscenium of the cosmos.’ A beautiful choice of words, and oh so true. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary tell us that ‘Proscenium’ is none other than the part of the stage in front of the curtain, between the curtain and the audience. Shermer hit the proverbial nail right on the head. We live out our lives on the proscenium, the visible part of the stage. But as every theater devotee knows, the show is directed from behind the curtain.”

(Michael Shermer, “Mustangs, Monists, and Meaning,” Scientific American, September 2004)

(Gerald L. Schroeder, God According to God, A Scientist Discovers We;ve Been Wrong About God All Along. Harpwe Collins Publisher, 195 Broadway New York, NY 10007, 2009, 19-20)

A Beginning

Now that the long and probably arduous process of publishing is getting started, and right up front, is the need to raise funds in order to complete the project. Isn’t that always the case? When I began this project 2 years ago, raising capital was the furthest thing from my mind. As a first time writer my concentration was on “what on earth am I going write about?” Awe, but those were the days, and as the thoughts and words began to enter my mind my excitement grew and a book began to take shape. But first came tons of research, this book has a lot of science in it, and I am not a scientist. So my work, pre-writing grew daily as I found new areas to research, new books to read. Soon I was so caught up in reading I had all but forgotten to start writing. Good grief, there was so much to write about how was I going to decide what to include, how to organize all of this information, it had become truly fascinating. Learning new things about anything was always a weakness of mine, or maybe a strength. But it can easily overload the mind with information.

So I had to begin looking first, at what I wanted to say to my future readers, and hey, by the way who were they? I probably went at this completely backwards. I began writing what interested me, and finally at some point down the line wrote out a plan, an outline. It was then that the picture came to me as to who I was really writing to, who would be my audience. Surprise, it was me. I realized I had a lot to learn about reconciling science with the 6 days of Genesis but I was always thirsty for knowledge, obsessed with the need to know the nuts and bolts of how a thing worked. I was like a dog with a bone, I needed to find out just how creation happened. Well, at least more information than Genesis provided. There never seemed to be enough information in Genesis chapter one, no matter how may times I read it. I wondered, could science really have the answers I needed? How could the pieces all fit together.

Sometime during this discovery process I came across a movie “the Genesis Code.” At first it went way over my head so I watched it again and again and then I thought, “this does make sense in sort of a strange way.” So I began looking for more books on these things called the “big bang,” and “time dilation” And, I actually found the very book I suspect the movie was based on, but had actually been written some years earlier. So that is a part of how all of this got started. More to follow…..